Cette année, l’équipe HEConomist a décidé de vous concocter un abécédaire imagé et loufoque sur le quotidien des étudiants de l’Unil. Retrouvez chaque semaine une nouvelle lettre correspondant à un lieu, une action ou un concept qui vous sont familiers.


As the semester comes to an end, it’s time to think about you.

Soon your weekends will no longer be dedicated to finishing group projects or problem sets. Your weekday won’t consist of sitting in boring classes as your mind drifts off to what TV series you’ll watch when you finally get home.

The summer is for you. You finally have the time to:

– Go outside in Mother Nature after a semester cooped up indoors.

– Enjoy family and friends you haven’t seen since the first year of bachelor.

– Vacation in the sun, in the city, in the countryside.

– Learn something real for once, outside of textbooks and professor lectures.

– Relish the last moments of freedom before time flies by and we’re back dragging our feet down the halls of UNIL this September.

Nature wants you back.