Gabriel Scanu: Give some freshness to your Instagram feed

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Gabriel Scanu: Making Australia More Splendid than It Already Is

Have you ever dreamed of being the guy in the airplane watching at people tanning under the warm sun of Sydney? Maybe not. Gabriel Scanu has however fulfilled this dream and is now trending on Instagram with (pretty soon) 300k people following his activities.

In the middle of the Instagram monogram, pseudo-hipster, beauty-animal-and-food-lover artist bubble, you can find some really great people. Gabriel (@gabscanu) is one of the originals. When I scrolled down his feed, I was instantly transported in a world I thought was another. Each picture is slightly modified to capture the brightness of the landscape, with recurring tones of shady blue and light brown. In fact, it is our world from another point of view.


Mister Scanu

When his father bought a drone, Gabriel tried it and loved the results. He started photographing snowy landscapes (yes, they exist in Australia) and received nice feedback on his work. Then, he found places which inspired life and movement: « for me it’s about capturing natural moments from a unique perspective that you don’t see every day, almost like a bird observing the world from above », he said in an interview. Now, he continuously posts pictures and does not stop dazzling us.

The process is simple but the results are amazing. Using drones or airplanes, Gabriel offers us a whole new vision of our world, from the sandy California to his hometown Sydney, we rediscover planet Earth from above.

Today, Gabriel is one of those artists who can live from their art. He is currently exhibiting his work in Sydney, at the Art2Muse Gallery (link). The beginning prices are around AU$ 3,300. Still, if you’re not ready yet to spend several thousands for his pictures, you can still enjoy them through his IG account right here.

Antoine Mathieu