Stereotypes you can’t avoid at the ski resort

Whether you’re hitting the slopes in Colorado, or partying away in your chalet in Courchevel, there are some stereotypes that you will undoubtedly run into during your time on the mountains.

Humans come in all different forms of personalities, but when you’re on the slopes, we could narrow that down to 10.

1. The Chalet Girl

You took a gap year and not quite sure why? Well, welcome to the chalet girl’s life. They’re the ones who will rent a chalet for three months, just because they have nothing better to do. With 10 different colors of Moon Boots and 2000 different beanies, they will walk around the mountain but never actually consider going skiing.

If you’re searching for a real-life Princess Elsa, the Chalet girls are the ones. The cold weather never seems to bother them. They will walk in -10 degrees in their little denim shorts, a crop top, and, of course, their irreplaceable moon boots.

Have you ever dreamt about waking up with the perfect bed-hair and a full face of make-up? Well, the chalet girls seem to transfer this dream into a reality. “I woke up like this” will be their go-to Instagram caption while they pose with their perfect bed-hair they spent an hour on.

2. The Local Bar King

Want to have an unforgettable experience? The local bar king will be your hero then. He will take you to the best local bars and restaurants where you will be treated like kings because everyone working there is already familiar with your local friend. Spending money as if it grows on trees, he’s every restaurant and bar favorite customer. Hanging out with him might make you their second favorite 😉

3. Powder Hounds

The powder hounds are also known as crazy ski lovers. If they miss the first ski lift of the morning, they might as well break their skis and punish themselves for the rest of their lives. Their skis are also different than your regular pair, with a waist that’s narrower than 150mm, these skis are ready to take them down the most challenging slopes of the mountain.

While we dream of getting a high grade and finding the perfect internship, their dreams consist of big bumps and an avalanche-free day.

4. The “Instagrammer”

Marking its place as the 21st centuries favorite social media app, Instagram manages to mark its place on the slopes too. Always on the hunt for the perfect photo spot, the “Instagrammers” are ready to risk anything for the perfect shot. Wearing the latest fashion trends, and probably the trendiest ski outfit you’ll ever see, they’ll go up on the first ski lift alongside the powder hounds to catch the perfect outfit shot before the slopes get too crowded.

5. The Après Skier

Happy hour is their area of expertise. The après skiers usually travel in a group, wearing the craziest outfits, and with the latest model speaker in their backpack. They sure know how to have a good time. Their time to shine isn’t during skiing, but after the skiing is done. Why sit on a chair when you can stand on the table and dance?

6. The First-timer

Whether it’s a 4-year-old who is starting his first lesson or a 40-year-old who finally decided to give skiing a chance, first-timers are quite easy to spot. Their biggest nightmare might as well be the T-bar. If the T-bar stops on a steep slope, you’ll hear first-timers saying a little prayer so that they don’t fall backward. They’re also the ones who will stop right in the middle of the slope and take their 10minutes nap.

Who said you couldn’t bring pizza to the slopes? First-timers sure knows this rule doesn’t apply to them. Pizza might be the answer to your cravings, but for them, pizza is the answer to their prayers.

7. Snow Sprayers

Whether it’s a snowboarder or a skier, the snow sprayers are always the most annoying ones. We could also call them the bullies of the slopes. You’ll be there minding your own business when out of nowhere some stranger comes and ruins your whole mood. If you ever dreamt about becoming a snowman, the snow sprayers will help you to achieve that.

8. The Speed Demon

The speed demons are the rebels of the slopes. Reckless as they are, they only care about themselves and how fast they’ll get to the next chairlift. Ferrari has got nothing on them; the speed demons are faster than any car. Most skiers are terrified of speed demons, which is where the word demon finds its place.

9. Chairlift Hecklers

Ever had snow fall from above even though it wasn’t supposed to snow that day? Ever been called names or heard screams come from above while you were skiing? Well, those were the chairlift hecklers. Some say the chairlift hecklers are usually the insecure people who would never be able to call you such names if you were face to face. Others just see chairlift hecklers as naughty children trying to find a source of entertainment at 2000 meters.


10. The Map Memorizer

The mountains can easily turn into Alice’s maze. Especially if it’s your first time on that mountain, you might want to have a map with you at all times or at least a friend who’s a map memorizer.

A map memorizer can be a helpful person to have with you, however, if they are a map memorizer and a speed demon at the same time, beware! You might end up getting lost…alone!

Lara Aksu
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