How to deal with uncertainty

For a moment, I would like to set aside what we are living this year. I will not talk about the increased uncertainty in market movements, or the future of our economy and how we are going to get back on our feet again. What I want to deal with here is the uncertainty living in every one of us, every day of the year and not just in 2020. (Ok, I have to say that this year is not helping at all). I would like to give voice to our daily doubts, our disturbing misunderstandings, our indecisions. I am addressing myself in particular to young people, like me, students or young graduates. We are probably living the best years of our lives, but also the more complex ones. Most of us as a child doesn’t really have to deal with choices, we go to school, learn, socialize, develop passions, discover slowly the environment that is surrounding us. We are dependent and kind of take things for granted, even if it can highly affect our inner decision-making process today. Then comes the time of adolescence, the beginning of a long journey of consciousness, experiences, and dedication, bringing us to discover feelings that we were never aware of before. First decisions are showing up, and we start wondering how to create our own luck. But still, I would say that we are not mature enough to realize that the world offers thousands of possibilities. Making choices is a lifetime work. How can we, us, young people, deal with uncertainty, and be sure to make the right decisions?

Wrong decisions can be rewarding

Can we really assume that there are a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’ decision? We do not always make the best decision, and that is a good thing. We learn from our mistakes, and we are constantly evolving as a human being. Wrong decisions lead to future opportunities that can suit us better and to even more choices than we would have first imagined. One thing that I am realizing growing up is that keeping learning guides us through what we believe is a good life of joy and self-fulfillment, and this is not only a self-centered goal, being aware of what we may offer and our personal power can affect positively our relationships. Sometimes we have to accept the consequences of our “bad” choices, think back on why we decided to choose that path, what can we learn from it, and then focus on the rest. Even the world’s greatest minds have failed once.

Stay far away from decision fatigue

Avoid working or taking important decisions when your mental energy is low. In the same way that we have to recognize our inner bias, we have to realize when our emotions are taking over. It is important to give our goals a timetable and take the time to clarify our thoughts. Developing daily routines, such as setting deadlines or adopting a healthy lifestyle can be an easy solution, but we should not underestimate its power. For instance, multiple studies have shown that your digestive system can guide your emotions, and in fact, 90% of our serotonin, one of our “Happy hormones” receptors are found in the human microbiome. We do not want the past 3 days of junk food to be responsible for our acerbity.

Surround yourself with passionate people

In the same way, we do not only succeed with good outcomes, but we also do not succeed alone. You always have something to learn from others. We tend to forget how much human relationships wonderful sources of information and inspiration are. Some people will cross your path and be life-changers, because of their amazing willpower, their knowledge, or they’re daring. Being aware of the value of true human relationships and use them wisely can change our good-to-great perspective. Seeking out opinions that are different from our viewpoint, on various matters, can help us redesign our decision-making process. And sometimes, surrounding yourself with the right people will show you that the unthinkable is possible: If they are crazy enough.

Laura Granzotto


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